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Learn French with Louis in La Jolla, San Diego

French Class in La Jolla

My online language school in La Jolla is happy to offer you French lessons at home or anywhere you feel comfortable in San Diego. No grammar, no reading of long texts, no listening to songs… 100% conversation, no matter your level in French. Our method is different! In this troubled period of confinement and deconfinement, where one has to keep a certain social distance, our Skype lessons for French language are perfect for those who really want to learn “Parler français” (which means to SPEAK French). My name is Louis-Simon Roy. I am a native French speaker and have been a teacher for almost 20 years. I’m what you might call a “polyglot”, able to speak and teach 10 different languages. With my passion for people and languages, I have developed a VERY SIMPLE, FLEXIBLE, PLEASANT, INTERACTIVE and EFFICIENT method of learning how to SPEAK French. And it’s available worldwide.

Whether you’re a real beginner, just starting out in French (A1 Level) or your level is already good enough to discuss the latest political issues, I and my team of French teachers in La Jolla (San Diego) can help you progress quickly. With adapted conversation according to your level we will help you to learn SPOKEN FRENCH.

The courses take place on Skype and allow for great flexibility in terms of timetable and organisation. In addition, video call courses offer the possibility of dedicating 2 or 3 different teachers to support your learning in French. Unless you especially request it, forget about reading French text, listening to French pop songs or focusing on complex grammar rules – all those things that normally accompany ‘learning a language’. We teach French in a very different way! We want you to SPEAK French!

We have had more than 1600 students engaged in one-to-one classes totaling more than 30,000 hours of teaching as of August 2020. Our team of French teachers in La Jolla is well-established and ready to support you in your learning of “La langue de Molière”. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, a child or an adult, our French teachers will help you progress towards real and concrete knowledge of the language spoken every day in Canada, in France and throughout the whole “Francophonie”.

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Don't waste any more time trying to grasp the complex French conjugation or in group French lessons in La Jolla or where rote learning and grammar are still at the center of pedagogy. These old methods just slow you down. Learn the language in your own home or work and with methods that work.

The French Language courses that we offer are very different from the courses that are normally given in language schools in La Jolla (San Diego). Our method of teaching you to improve your knowledge of French is SIMPLE, PLEASANT, INTERACTIVE and very EFFECTIVE. Our Skype language courses are always conducted in a light-hearted enjoyable fashion. Each language course lasts 1 hour.

Learn French French class in your region My Method Is our course for you? About the teacher French grammar Tariff Contact