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Is this French Course Online really for you?

French Class online

Let's answer these questions and you will find out if we can help you learn or improve your French skills.

Learn French language Online1) Are you tired of group language courses?

Yes? You are one of the vast majority of people around the world who feel frustrated that they cannot practice the vocabulary learned in typical language lessons. With a few exceptions, it is very difficult (if not impossible) to develop concrete, practical and intuitive knowledge of a language in a large group and in traditional language courses. Even if the teachers of these institutions are extremely competent, it is unfortunately impossible to learn to SPEAK French in this way.

In traditional language courses, the study of French is focused on its logical, intellectual side and it is exactly this principle which explains the reason why it is impossible for you to be able to make concrete use of the learning done in a large group.

My method of learning French goes against the widespread idea that says that you have to memorize grammatical rules. We know that a real working knowledge of the French language must start first while developing your ability to respond intuitively to daily interactions.

No? So you're one of these three:

• 1 -. You have a great curiosity for linguistics but little or no interest in wanting to communicate in a practical and current way with people who speak French. It's very good but my method cannot suit you because I am working to allow you to use a practical and concrete knowledge of the French language.

Our goal is simple: prepare to use the living and current French language in a concrete way and in real situations.

• 2-. You are shy and you prefer to stay in a large group so that you can continue learning French without anyone asking you too many questions. In this case, I strongly invite you to try taking a French class with me. If you like the experience, we can continue to learn French, and if not (extremely surprising), we can stop everything and you can continue your group course and not have to pay anything for your trial French class with me.

• 3-. You have a lot of time and / or money. It is true that improving your ability to express yourself in a foreign language like French is much slower if you are part of a group than in private lessons. Personal 1:1 language lessons allow us to focus on student difficulties while significantly promoting their progress.

2 → Do you want to learn to REALLY and CONCRETELY communicate in French with others?

Yes? My method for learning French is specially designed for you because it has been tried and tested (currently over 40,000 hours of teaching). This method for learning a language was developed by the United States military to train CIA spies and is the basis of the PIMSLEUR method. This method of learning a language is essentially intuitive and will allow you to approach the language you want with less anxiety and enable you to get by quickly and efficiently.

No? Your interest is only intellectual and you are interested in grammatical aspects. In this sense, my language course is not for you because my specialty is spoken French and allows me to prepare my students for a real practical knowledge of travel and everyday language.

3 → Are you planning a trip to one or other of the French-speaking countries?

Yes? Then this French course is absolutely for you! Too often, French language courses give us little useful knowledge for travel and focus too much on grammar without trying to prepare students to put the language to practical use.

You answer No? Without planning a trip, you may certainly still have an interest in learning spoken French. We can adapt our French course according to your needs.

4 → You have taken several French language courses at different institutions, but you are still having a hard time using what you have learned.

Yes? This is unfortunately normal because the learning you have done is only logical and rational. Studies have shown that humans absolutely do not use the rational side when speaking their mother tongue or another language. Do you want proof? When you are telling a story aloud and are looking for a word or name. You have it on the tip of your tongue. But the more you search, the less this word comes. This happens because we do not have the habit of searching for our words in a rational way. My French learning method is based on this simple principle. Whatever your level, it is with lots of spoken interaction that you will be able to learn effectively to speak the French language.

No? You are definitely very motivated and have worked hard to improve your knowledge of the language. In addition, you certainly have a facility for languages. Well done! We encourage you to continue on this path.

Learn French with Louis French class in your region My Method Is our course for you? About the teacher French grammar Tariff Contact