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Learn Business French - Online French class

French Class online

In this period of confinement and isolation, the online French classes on Skype take on their full potential. Learning business French this way is the #1 way that employers use to train their employees in French. Taking a business French course online is a great way to make the most of the partnerships forged over time. Many women and businesspeople all over the world wish to improve their knowledge of French before leaving for a business trip to France, Belgium, or Switzerland. Whether your company is just starting out or growing, perfect knowledge of French is often an important prerequisite for promoting products or services into the "francophonie".

Learn French language OnlineOur Business French conversation course for business people from around the world is designed to help you prepare as much as possible. Take a French course with teachers who adapt the learning according to your reality. Depending on the number of lessons you wish to complete, two or more teachers will be allocated to you to improve your learning of Business French as far as possible.

Where do these business French courses take place?

The great advantage of technology is that these Business French language courses can now be taken from your home or the place of your choice. Indeed, thanks to SKYPE, you just have to connect at the time agreed with our French teacher "et voilĂ !".

Payment for French language business courses?

We never ask for payment in advance for this French business course because the bond of trust is the foundation of all learning. Since the courses are on the Internet and the students do not always know us (as much as we don't know them), payment for the whole course is requested only after lesson#3 or # 4. This allows you to see if you like the course approach without having to commit in advance .

How can I pay if the Business French language lessons are held by SKYPE?

Payment for this business French course is made through our Paypal account. To do this, after lesson#3 or #4, we will send you a link to make the payment quickly and securely. You do not need a Paypal account. All you need is a debit/credit card.

Who is the business language teacher?

Depending on your level in French, one or other of our French teachers will be assigned to you. Each of them has great teaching experience but also human qualities which make learning French very pleasant.

Fees for this business French language course in RRRR ?

Prices for Business FRENCH courses (price in US)

Private lesson - single person

One lesson of 1 hour: $140

Ten 1-hour lessons: $999

25 lessons of 1 hour: $2125

Learn French with Louis French class in your region My Method Is our course for you? About the teacher French grammar Tariff Contact